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Golden Financlal

Golden Financial Solutions Limited (高达集团) is an innovative pioneer in the retail foreign exchange industry and is committed to providing the best online trading services for global traders. Currently has nine countries and regions in the world to set up branch offices, and more than 100 countries around the world institutions or individuals to provide platform and technical services, is a veritable global financial services group. Golden Financial Solutions Limited uses the market-leading MT4 trading software, excellent data center, making the platform transaction safe, stable, fast, improve the transparency of the trading environment and transaction fairness.

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  • PC Version MT5 Platform

    Gundam Financial MT5 is a better service for customers to re-customize the market to receive the software, in addition to all up to the financial MT5 all the features, it also provides all the financial approach to the necessary tools for trading, which includes a variety of menus , The toolbar and the service window, all commands are accessible from the main menu, and many frequently used commands are also available in the toolbar.

  • IPhone version of MT5 platform

    Install up to the financial iPhone mobile MT5 platform and Ipad application, you can place a single transaction and open a deal at any time, make the transaction more flexible, more convenient, more effective and more timely. Gundam Financial Group provides traders and customers with a complete download and installation process and additional graphic tips under the official website (www.高达集团uk.com) trading platform menu section.

  • ANDROID Version Of MT5 Platform

    Up to the financial MT5 platform also supports Andrews mobile applications, install up to the financial version of the MT5 Android version of the application, you can place a single transaction and open a deal at any time to make the transaction more flexible, more convenient, more effective and more timely. No matter where you are, you can access your account and order it in real time by trading on your Android device.

  • MT5 Use FAQ

    How do I access the Golden Financial MT5 platform? How do I create my Golden Financial MT5 account? What merchandise can I trade on Golden Financial MT5? Can I use Golden Financial MT5 account ID to access Golden Financial MT5?




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